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Pericles Films Melbourne

Welcome to Pericles Films. We appreciate your interest.

Pericles Films is a production company that crafts works of the highest quality in both drama and documentary. We have been operating for over thirty years and our projects have garnered an impressive array of local and international awards.

Working in both cinema and television, the company has produced works that cover a diverse range of themes and subjects. We have a particular interest in history-based material in which the complexities of the interaction between people and their times, and the powerful resonances between other eras and our own can be presented with dramatic intensity and intellectual rigour.

We also focus on health-related documentaries which we believe can create greater awareness about important issues impacting on our society and help to illuminate how we care for the vulnerable in our communities.

Pericles Films does not mass produce content. The clear goal for Pericles Films is to hand-craft stories for the screen which are richly entertaining, intellectually stimulating and speak to audiences in Australia and around the world. We strongly believe that telling stories in the visual form can make a positive contribution, assisting our understanding of each other and revealing those elements that draw us together.


(Please note, we do not accept unsolicited material)


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